about our teachers



 All staff at ELAP share a passion for learning. We strive to build positive relationships will our students and families. Our goal is to build a close-knit community where teachers and families work together providing children with a sense of worth and belonging. This is more than just a job for our teachers. We all love what we do and it shows in our daily interactions and activities. Our teachers are here to inspire your child to learn and grow. 

Highly Trained


 Easton Learning Adventures believes that our teachers are one of our features that make us so special. Our staff offers a range of ages and backgrounds, which blend to create an exciting and innovative curriculum. Our standards exceed state requirements and all teachers continue to further their education each year. ELAP devotes both time and resources to teacher training each school year. Through workshops, trainings and center observations, our staff continues to develop and evolve with the ever changing field of early childhood. 



 We at ELAP believe that a strong parent involvement component is key to the success of the overall classroom as well as that of the individual child. Your involvement helps you to know and participate in implementing the curriculum and to get to know staff and other families. Research has shown that children are more successful when families take an active interest in their education from the start. You are welcome to visit your child's classroom at any time and we encourage you to come in and share your families' interests and hobbies with the class.